Not Just Another Feel-Good Conference…

This is A Coaching Conference Unlike Any Other…

Join Us as we Rock the boat of Traditional Coaching Conferences to Provide An Affordable, Fun Opportunity to Grow Your Coaching Business, Collaborate with Other Coaches, Connect with Valuable Resources, and Celebrate the Coaching Industry!

At the first annual ICF Midwest Regional Conference in 2012, a group of coaches just like you started with no template, no design, nothing but the desire to create an event that would bring coaches together to form a community and strengthen the coaching industry.

Over the last two years we’ve managed to raise the bar and break the boundaries of your typical “talking head” conferences that only leave attendees disappointed and put together our own model for a coaching conference. This year ICF Global has decided to make us one of only 3 global conferences.   It’s still the Midwest Regional Advisory Council heading up this conference and it’s still the ICF Midwest Regional Conference Steering Committee putting it all together.  We’re creating the conference from the same “coaching hat” place we’ve always come from.  We’re just lucky enough to have ICF Global helping us promote it as one of their global events.

So, this year, we celebrate “Coaching Rocks!”  As we discussed the theme of “Coaching Rocks!” we couldn’t decide which meaning of the work “rock” we wanted to take on for this year’s conference.  As we discussed it, we realized there are many different facets to coaching, just as there can be many facets in a physical rock.  This conference is built around coming together as a connected community to expand our possibilities and grow as coaches through a foundation of the following five rocks:

  1. Rock the Boat – What happens when we rock the boat a client is in?  What possibilities are available to them when theyrocks rock the boat of their perceived situation?  Improve your ability to successfully help clients rock their boats with shifting perspectives, changing things up, and making ripples in the water.  Rock your own boat while you’re at it, by stretching your skills, knowledge and business.
  2. Be the Rock – As rocks sit on the ground they can help build up a foundation or be a resource for helping to break things down and carve out space.  As coaches, we use tools to help our clients build solid foundations and clear paths for new opportunities etc…  Fulfill your CCEU requirements (there’s potential for 12 CCEU’s with many being core competencies), learn about other modalities and expand the bedrock foundation of your coaching knowledge.
  3. Rock the World – Coaching isn’t just for a few people.  If you’re like most of us, you know it’s a game changer for the world.  Join us as we explore ways to share why coaching rocks, with the world.
  4. Rock Your Business – Fill your practice with solid practical rocks that will help you become a leader in your field, serve more clients and make a bigger impact on the world (minus the hour-upon-hour of feel-good “fluff” of so many other industry conferences) so you can Rock the Boat, Be the Rock and Rock the World in as many ways as possible.
  5. Connect With Your Rockin’ Community – We’ve created an atmosphere of connection and community.  From the moment you walk into the conference you are immersed in a rockin’ community that you will instantly connect with.  We’ll provide you with just right mixture of networking and content, so you can make the most of every minute you are there.

Come to the Rock & Roll Capital of the World to explore the many different facets of coaching with 400 of your colleagues. Earn up to 12.5 CCE Units in just two days! Be immersed in the energy of a city that exemplifies reinvention for sustainable change. 

Join us in Cleveland, Ohio for “Coaching Rocks!” the 2014 ICF Midwest Regional Conference, June 19-21, 2014.

A tweet from the 2013 Conference in Minneapolis.

Love this conference!! Its my tribe! And I’m learning stuff! RT @ICFMidwest: How’s it going so far?? #ICFMidwest
— Wendy Balman (@wendybalman) June 22, 2013

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