Not Just Another Feel-Good Conference…

This is A Coach Conference Unlike Any Other…



JOIN US as we change up the traditional coaching conference
to provide a fun opportunity to grow your coaching business,
collaborate with other coaches, connect with valuable resources,
and celebrate the coaching industry!

In 2012, a group of coaches just like you started with no template, no design, nothing but the desire to create an event that would bring coaches together to form a community and strengthen the coaching industry. And it wasn’t your typical “talking head” conference that only leaves attendees disappointed. We put together our own model for a coaching conference that:

  • Is presented by experts who have real-world experience in topics like expanding your coaching skills, marketing your services, and growing your business (NOT just theory that sounds good on paper but doesn’t work in the real world). Want to be one of those experts? Click “Speakers,” above.
  • Provides attendees with structured opportunities to network – so you’re not left to “figure it out” on your own (all the while wondering how to make those valuable connections with fellow coaches, potential referral partners and/or prospective clients!)
  • Is chock full of practical information to help you become a leader in your field, serve more clients and make a bigger impact on the world (minus the hour-upon-hour of feel-good “fluff” of so many other industry conferences)
  • Has just the right mixture of networking, content and downtime (so you can make the most of your time while avoiding information overload)
  • Highlights state-of-the-art resources & all the latest gadgets to help coaches like you to maximize your time, serve more clients, and grow your business
  • Is sponsored by hand-selected, top-notch vendors whose products and services can provide the tools and support you need to keep your business moving forward. Interested in gaining exposure for your business by becoming a vendor? Sign up for our mailing list (right-hand side) to be notified when we’re accepting applications.
  • Helps you fulfill your CCE Unit requirements while you network, learn and play (killing several birds with one stone!)

In 2016, we’re doing it again, and we’re committed to breaking all the “old school” boundaries of how conferences should be run, in order to bring you, our attendee, the best possible experience. It’s all about YOU.

Fill in the form to your right, above, and get ready for an amazing 3 days spent learning, connecting, celebrating, and growing!

We’ve got a date!

June 23-25, 2016

We’ve got a location!

Indianapolis, IN

We’ve got a theme!

The Crossroads of Coaching

We’ve got a keynote speaker!

Marshall Goldsmith

All we need is YOU.

Fill in the form to your right, above, and get ready for an amazing 2 days spent learning, connecting, celebrating, and growing!

Join us in Indianapolis for “The Crossroads of Coaching” at the 2016 ICF Midwest Regional Conference, June 23-25, 2016.


Comments/Testimonials from our 2014 Conference…

“I came away from the ICF Global conference last week in Cleveland absolutely thrilled and reenergized. To be honest, I went in with very low expectations. I wanted to hear the keynote, Dr. Richard Boyatzis, and get some CCEUs for my ICF credential; no other expectation. I have been to many international ICF conferences over the years and didn’t expect much from a regional conference. Boy, was I wrong. From start of finish, it was a top notch conference. The keynotes were powerful and the breakouts excellent. I learned, met fun, cool coaches, got new ideas and even met someone I contracted with to revitalize my marketing on the day I returned. And best of all, I was thrilled to be a coach and be with coaches. I was proud of ICF and the coaching world we are so lucky to be a part of. I plan on going to the conference next year in Kansas City and invite you to come! I am a better coach this week because of what I learned! Big fun using some new tools and questions – immediately!” — Susan Spritz Myers, MCC, Kolbe Certified Master Team Consultant

“Back home from Cleveland and the ICF Midwest Regional Conference. It was great to meet so many new people and be so warmly received in my closing keynote. Thank you to all of the conference organizers for a great event!” — Alan Seale

“I have to say that this conference was the most well-planned and delivered ICF conference I have ever attended in all my years in ICF history.” – one of our Twitter followers.

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