ICF Midwest Regional Conference Early Bird Registration Live February 1

We hope everyone’s new years are off to a great start.  We wanted to share some exciting news on the ICF Midwest Regional Conference.  The Early Bird Registration will be live February 1!

We all look forward to an exciting conference.  Here are some things to look forward to in June:

  • Remember, the dynamic Marshall Goldsmith will be delivering both the Opening & Closing Keynote.
  • You will have the opportunity to give back through the Coaching Service Project.  Be on hand Thursday afternoon that week to participate.
  • Sponsorship packages will be soon available.  This gives us all yet another way to grow our businesses with a focused group of professionals.
  • The slate of presenters is nearly set.  There is a variety of content, with something for everyone.  From the curious attendee, to the MCC, you will find a way to grow personally and professionally.
  • June in Indy is fabulous.  See our last post with fun activities and things to do with other coaches and/or your family while in beautiful central Indiana.
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