ICF Midwest Regional Conference Speaker Spotlight

We have a fantastic line up of engaging speakers featured at this year’s conference.  In addition to our keynote, Marshall Goldsmith, we will have Cynthia Kivland.  She will be speaking about Neuroscience and Emotionally-Intelligent Teams: Coaching for Membership, Empowerment and Meaning.

The two top derailers of teams are trust and vulnerability, according to Patrick Lencioni’s Five Dysfunctions of Teams. In this session, you will learn about ten years of research conducted by The Liautaud Institute at the University of Illinois at Chicago (UIC), detailing the communication protocol and EI-based exercises that increase “trusted vulnerability”. First, we’ll explore the “brain at work” and how we learn, the three “R’s” to create emotional habits, and the neuroscience that supports the biogenic needs of membership, empowerment and meaning. Attendees will be invited to participate in exercises to experience a process-driven approach to build high-performing, emotionally-connected teams specific to mindful listening, trust and coaching for awareness.

KivlandCynthia Kivland serves as Chief Learning Officer for the Liautaud Institute at the University of Illinois- Chicago. She oversees global learning, coaching and talent development for The Institute’s corporate, university and consultant partners. Cynthia is a Board Certified Coach and author of the Social Emotional Intelligence Coach Certification program. Her book Smart2Smarter-Smarter Skill Every Employee Wants is based on research identifying seven smarter skills to connect and contribute, using the intelligence of emotions and biological need to group. Cynthia is also on the Leadership Faculty of the American College of Healthcare Executives and serves as an emotional-intelligence expert. She is passionate about The Liautaud Institute’s research and program on developing self-managed, emotionally-connected teams.

Learn more and register here.

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