avatarSince I was involved in planning last year's conference, attending was a really special experience, as I watched our vision unfold and shared it with all the coaches in attendance. Having been to conferences in the past where I felt lost in the crowd, I loved the sense of community and intimacy that was created. I got to interact and build relationships with other coaches, as well as our speakers and vendors. And I took home some new perspectives, good learning and practical tips that I use in my coaching and business.

Attending conferences has always been an important part of my professional development and a place where I can learn, grow, be inspired and network with fellow coaches.  Being involved in the planning and witnessing firsthand the creation of this event, for the second time, makes the ICF-Midwest Regional Conference particularly special for me. My hope is that when you experience the quality speakers, educational programs, vendors and special events that we are planning, you will walk away feeling that you've found some of your own boundaries to break.  Really looking forward to Minneapolis!.

Julia Mattern, PCC, CPCC
avatarLast July when I accepted the role of Co-Chair for the conference, I saw an opportunity to strengthen our Midwest coaches and coaching community, which in turn would strengthen our ICF Midwest Chapters. Not a bad plan!

What I didn’t  see, was everything else...how much fun and rewarding it is to be on the ground floor of a new dynamic organization and see it come alive; the unique and wonderful journey of ideas and dreams that really are coming true; the excitement every day, sometimes every hour, when something happens to underscore our vision to create a premier conference;  the thrill of being a part of a committee environment that fosters synergies to maximize collaboration, innovation and leadership;  the extraordinary committee members that won’t stop until everything is in place to be successful and, most significant to me, the committed, talented and altruistic coaches that have become trusted friends and colleagues.

I see it very clearly now, and I am very grateful and humbled to be a part of the committee that is creating the first ICF Midwest Regional Conference. The best part – it’s not over yet!

Susan Slocum
Chicago Coach Federation
avatarLast year's conference exceeded my expectations!

I thought the conference would be modest, since it was a first time event, for a regional audience. I found it to be packed with outstanding speakers and well worth my time and money.

Jean Johnson, Professional Certified Coach
Johnson Leadership Coaching, LLC.
avatarAll of keynotes and sessions I attended were excellent. My time, energy and investment returned good value including ideas and resources, new perspectives, new relationships and wonderful reconnections with friends and colleagues. Our team created a conference which combined quality I'd expect from a larger conference but with the closeness and intimacy that made it extra special, even with the vendors. I'm excited about our 2013 conference in Minnesota!

Sydney Paredes, Executive Coach
Breakthrough Leadership, Inc.
avatarIt was quality all the way ... quite a feat for a first time event.

It inspired me to make a course correction ... along came awareness of the Core Values Index (CVI) which has led to all kinds of new opportunities! I set an intention to be swimming in the ocean vs. the lake and I'm doing it! Don't miss out on this learning, growing and enriching experience! June 20-22, 2013 in Minneapolis!

Irene Kelly
Prisma, LLC.
avatarI spoke and exhibited last year and it was a great experience for us. We were so looked after by the conference team who took care of us and made us feel so welcome! And the conference delegates were simply amazing people, a great quality of coaches who were open to collaborate and learn(oh yes and we had some fun along the way too!) It was so good to be amongst kindred spirits - it was by far our best conference experience from 2012!

Jane Warrilow, Executive Coach
JW International, LLC.
I came away from the ICF Global conference last week in Cleveland absolutely thrilled and reenergized. To be honest, I went in with very low expectations. I wanted to hear the keynote, Dr. Richard Boyatzis, and get some CCEUs for my ICF credential; no other expectation. I have been to many international ICF conferences over the years and didn’t expect much from a regional conference. Boy, was I wrong. From start of finish, it was a top notch conference. The keynotes were powerful and the breakouts excellent. I learned, met fun, cool coaches, got new ideas and even met someone I contracted with to revitalize my marketing on the day I returned. And best of all, I was thrilled to be a coach and be with coaches. I was proud of ICF and the coaching world we are so lucky to be a part of. I plan on going to the conference next year in Kansas City and invite you to come! I am a better coach this week because of what I learned! Big fun using some new tools and questions – immediately!

Susan Spritz Myers, MCC
Kolbe Certified Master Team Consultant
Back home from Cleveland and the ICF Midwest Regional Conference. It was great to meet so many new people and be so warmly received in my closing keynote. Thank you to all of the conference organizers for a great event!

Alan Seale, PCC CTPC
Center for Transformational Presence

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