We’re off and running!

2016 Steering CommitteeThe 2016 Steering Committee is already hard at work planning next year’s Midwest Regional Conference in Indianapolis!  We couldn’t wait to get started, and had our first official meeting in Kansas City.  Our bi-weekly conference calls started in July.

I want to introduce our amazing team for 2016:  Barbara Bougher, Host City Chair (ICF-Indianapolis), Amber Maynard, Marketing Chair (ICF-Indianapolis), John Moore, Program Chair (ICF-Heartland), Heather Bradley, Registration Chair (ICF-Michigan), Anne Papinchak, Special Events Chair (ICF-Pittsburgh), Karla Walker, Sponsor Chair (ICF-Wisconsin), Joyce Wietrecki, Volunteer Chair (ICF-Chicago), Susan Slocum, MRAC Treasurer (ICF-Chicago) and yours truly, Julia Mattern, Conference  Chair (ICF-Indianapolis).  Once the city for the 2017 conference is chosen, we will also be joined by a representative from that chapter, who will serve as Chair-Elect.

If you want to join our team and be part of planning this unique coaching conference, it’s not too late!  We are still looking for people to join our Marketing, Special Events and Sponsor Teams, as well as people to volunteer on-site at next year’s conference (help with registration, stamp passports, introduce speakers, etc.).  Volunteering for the conference is a great opportunity to build your leadership and teamwork skills, contribute something valuable to the coaching profession, and build relationships with coaches from across the region.  And it’s fun!

For more information, click here to visit our Volunteer page.  If you are interested in volunteering, scroll down to the link for our volunteer application.  Fill out the form and our Volunteer Chair will follow up to  match you with the best opportunity for your interests and skills.

Please consider being part of creating this special 5th Anniversary edition of the ICF Midwest Regional Conference.

–Julia Mattern, Conference Chair


Get your CCEUs here!

We are so excited about the speakers lined up for the ICF Midwest Regional conference!

You can see the conference schedule at this link. Get started right away lining up the sessions you want to attend. Don’t wait until the last minute.

Coaching is a new industry attracting people who might or might not be able to provide the services their clients need.Passport That is why we belong to ICF. We can distinguish ourselves from those fly-by-night coaches through our credentials.

All ICF members need continuing education to provide top service to our clients. The ICF Midwest Regional Conference offers those precious CCEU’s to maintain your certification!

The conference has been approved with 15 Continuing Education Units (CCEU’s)! This is more than 25% of the CEUs required for credential renewal all in one conference! What a wonderful opportunity!

To ensure everyone gets credit for the sessions attended, all participants will receive a CCEU Passport (last year’s pictured above). The passport lists all the sessions and the credits available for each session. When you attend the session you receive a unique stamp on your passport. The completed passport is the documentation you need for CCEU’s. Simple as that.

This is just one more way the conference team is making it easy to enjoy this conference. With great speakers, a great host city and an easy-to-navigate conference, what more can anyone ask? See you in June!

Kansas City is BBQ Central

Think Kansas City and you think BBQ. It is a natural since KC was famous for its stockyards and now for meatpacking, food processing and farming. Cattle ranches still thrive around Kansas City. But the best vestige of the stockyards is Kansas City BBQ! MMMM…..

KCSauceAccording to Wikipedia, Kansas City barbecue is the specific style of slow, wood smoked meat that evolved in the early 1900s, especially from the BBQ pit of Henry Perry, then slathered with a thick tomato molasses based sauce.

KC has more than 100 barbeque restaurants and some famous BBQ cooking contests. You will find a wide variety of meat – pork, beef, chicken, turkey and sometimes mutton and fish slow-smoked or grilled.

Ribs are very popular. Here is a fun fact: The difference between KC style ribs and St. Louis style ribs is the shape. KC style ribs are not trimmed to a rectangular shape like the St. Louis cut. It is a matter of looks not the cooking method!

KC offers a special tasty treat “burnt ends” the pointed end of pork or beef brisket then barbequed until charred. There is nothing like it!

The BBQ sauce has a characteristic thick sweet, spicy and tangy taste made from tomato and molasses. This is what Midwesterners call BBQ sauce. Many of the grocery store BBQ sauces are KC style but check the ingredients. If the first or second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup, keep moving. It doesn’t have to be that sweet. Traditional KC BBQ sauce is more like spicy tangy ketchup than the super sweet stuff sold in the grocery store.

It is easy to make. Here is a recipe from a BBQ expert, Meathead Goldwyn, for a tasty-sounding KC BBQ sauce.

Travel & Leisure voted KC as the best BBQ city in America in their poll, America’s Favorite Cities 2014. Here are a few of the famous BBQ joints to visit while in town for the conference according to www.10best.com:

  • Fiorella’s Jack Stack Barbecue, famous for perfect slabs of barbecued beef ribs is located in Country Club Plaza within walking distance of the conference hotel and on our Friday Foodie Frenzy list of restaurants.
  • Joe’s Kansas City Bar-B-Que, named by Anthony Bourdain in 2009 as one of the thirteen places to eat before you die in Men’s Health and named by USA Today as the “Tastiest Ribs in America” in 2013. Previously called Oklahoma Joe’s, it is very famous and has won dozens of awards. According to 10Best.com, get the Z-Man sandwich with sliced smoked brisket, smoked provolone, onion rings and barbecue sauce on a Kaiser roll.
  • Arthur Bryant’s is a legendary KC BBQ joint founded in the early 1920’s famous for beef brisket, BBQ ribs, and greasy fries. This restaurant has been at 18th and Brooklyn, near Municipal stadium ballpark less than 5 miles from the KC Marriott Country club Plaza, our ICF Global Midwest Conference hotel.

Expect great BBQ when you attend the conference!

Family Friendly Fun

Written by Victoria Rae, Special Events Chair.

brother-and-sister-playing-731704-mOur last post focused on a lot of things to do in Kansas City if you’re an adult. Our conference is on Father’s Day weekend so why not think about bringing your family to enjoy Kansas City and having some great times at family friendly places on the Sunday.  It’s a city with plenty to do, famous for its fountains and some great food – you’ll soon know that we take our BBQ seriously.

Here are some suggestions for places to visit.  Some in the city and some a little further out but an easy drive.

For culture lovers – The Nelson Atkins museum is a short walk from the Marriott hotel.  It includes world-class masterpieces, Egyptian artefacts and even a full size suit of armor – for a horse!  And it has some great outdoor space with a sculpture gallery and some pretty eye-catching sculpture Shuttlecocks http://www.nelson-atkins.org/

Want to journey back in a real-life treasure hunt.  Go to the Arabia Steamboat Museum in the Rivermarket area (itself great for food) – http://1856.com/   200 tons of treasure was lost when the Arabia sank near Kansas City in 1856 – and wasn’t discovered until 132 years later.  It’s called a modern-day treasure hunting story at its best.

Kansas City is also home to the National World War One Museum where you can learn about the events of the First World War and honor troops from all over the States who fought. https://theworldwar.org/

Looking to get close to animals then try the Kansas City where you can take a ‘flight’ for a Sky Safari over the plains of Africa or see the new Penguin exhibit http://www.kansascityzoo.org/   There’s also an aquarium at Crown Center where you come face-to-face with sharks, turtles and more http://www.visitsealife.com/kansas-city/

water-ride-1284428-mAnd Thrill-Seekers won’t miss out.  The Schlitterbahn waterpark (http://www.schlitterbahn.com/kansas-city)  is home to the Verruckt – which means ‘insane’ in German (that says it all)  and is the world’s tallest waterslide so you climb higher than Niagara Falls for the ride of your life (not that I’ve done it).

Plus there’s Oceans of Fun and Worlds of Fun https://www.worldsoffun.com/ where there are rides on land and where you get wet.

No matter what interests your family has, there are plenty of family-friendly things to do for Father’s Day or any other day around the conference.

Lots to do in Kansas City

Kansas City will be hopping while we are in town for the 2015 ICF Global Midwest Conference in June! Be sure to take advantage of your time in town with some of these activities:

If you love Broadway musicals, “Once” will be playing at the Kauffman Center near the conference hotel June 16 to 21, 2015. This winner of eight 2012 Tony Awards® including Best Musical features actors and musicians playing instruments on stage while they tell the story of a Dublin street musician who meets a beautiful young woman who takes an interest in his love songs.

The Kansas City Symphony plays its season finale the weekend June 19 through 21 with Tchaikovsky’s famous First Piano Concerto and Strauss’ Ein Heldenleben. Ticket information:

KansasCityCheck out the 23rd season of Heart of America Shakespeare Festival with King Lear starring John Resenhouse running from June 16 through July 5 at Southmoreland Park.

If you want to get out of the hotel and explore the town, check out the Garden Walk at Lee’s Summit on Saturday June 20 from 10am to 6pm at Downtown’s Lee’s Summit. Explore gardens in one of Lee’s Summits beautiful historic downtown neighborhoods for a small fee of $5 per adult.

The Kansas City Royals are in town that weekend playing the Brewers on Thursday June 18 at 7:10pm and the Red Sox Friday June 19 (7:10pm with fireworks following the game), Saturday June 20 at 6:15pm and an afternoon game on Sunday June 21 (1:10pm).

Rockers at the conference might enjoy Peter Frampton and Cheap Trick on Thursday June 19 at the Starlight Theatre. Get your tickets now because they might sell out.

To stay on top of what is happening in Kansas City during the conference, check out these sources:


Why Kansas City, MO

kansascitymoWhat comes to mind when you think of Kansas City?

Nothing? Really? The mind goes blank. Kansas City is one of those cities located in that big blank space between the coasts, on the big prairie.

Just as we had to rid ourselves of images of the Cuyahoga River burning when we went to Cleveland in 2014, this year we acquaint ourselves with a city in the broad expanse of prairie that is the land between the coasts.

First some background so we can start to draw a picture.

According to Wikipedia, Kansas City MO is the largest city in Missouri with a population of 464,310 incorporated in 1853. Kansas City spans the Missouri River at the confluence of the Missouri and Kansas Rivers. The Missouri portion of the city where our conference will be held is the largest portion of the metropolitan area.

This area was home to many American Indian peoples including the Arapaho, Cheyenne, Comanche, Kansa, Kiowa, Owsage, Pawnee and Wichita tribes. The native tribes had the usual difficulties with European intrusion on their lands in the 1600s and 1700s.

Following the Louisiana Purchase in 1803, the Lewis and Clarke Expedition left St. Louis heading west. They camped at what is now Kansas City KS at the spot now memorialized at Kaw Point Riverfront Park and at Kansas City MO at what is now the Quality Hill neighborhood which they noted would be “a fine place for a fort”.

This part of the prairie became the Missouri Territory which was divided up into the states of Missouri, Arkansas, Kansas and Iowa. As part of the Missouri Compromise in 1821, Congress admitted Missouri to the union as the 24th state. It was a slave state. Sad but true.

Also sad but true, in 1825 after becoming a state, the 1400 Missouri Shawnees were forcibly relocated from Cape Girardeau to southeastern Kansas. Native Americans are still a presence in the Kansas City area.

The Missouri River made a strong mark on the city’s character. The area know as Westport Landing was the last place to get supplies before travelers entered the Kansas Territory on their way west on the Santa Fe and Oregon Trails in the 1830s. The first rail travel came in 1847 leading to big growth in the 1850s.

Slavery was an important and divisive issue in the mid 1800s leading to much conflict prior to the civil war. In fact, in 1858 local violence over slavery was so bad President James Buchanan sent in federal troops. Missouri stayed in the Union during the Civil War but there was a lot of tension and consequently some pretty fierce Civil War battles until confederate incursions were defeated in 1864. But pro-southern views remained. John Newman Edwards founded the Kansas City Time to object to Republican rule. He created the Jesse James myth as a modern day Robin Hood fighting an unjust Republican Reconstruction. The real Jesse James lived all over the metropolitan area.

Railroads changed Kansas City into a meaningful city second to Chicago as the busiest train center that it remains today. Trains replaced the Pony Express previous headquartered here. The center of all this traffic was the Kansas City Stockyards.

kansascitycowKansas City is a cow town leading to its current foodie reputation for steak and barbeque. The city’s energy in the early 1900s brought great culture: Negro League baseball, KC jazz, KC style barbeque, manufacturing, meat processing, and transportation.

Here is a fun fact for you. Did you know Missouri never approved prohibition? When prohibition of alcohol was finally imposed in 1919 with the 18th Amendment and the Volstead Act, Kansas City pretended it never happened. The bars stayed open and the liquor flowed. No one was ever prosecuted in Kansas City for liquor law violations!

In future blogs we will see how this history is reflected in modern day Kansas City. But today’s Kansas City is a reflection of its past.




Get Your Calendars Out! 2015 ICF Midwest Regional Conference is Coming

icfimage-page-001_optMark your calendars! The 2015 ICF Midwest Regional Conference is coming. You don’t want to be left out. After a resounding success in Cleveland last year the conference moves to Kansas City, MO in 2015.

It makes sense that in the conference in the heartland of America has the theme, Getting to the Heart of the Matter.

Here is a statistic you can pull out when dinner conversation lags: Wright County MO, southeast of Kansas City MO is the mean center of the US population in 2010! Yes, it is true. The 2015 ICF Midwest Regional Conference will be held almost in the center of the US.

Just one more reason to get to the heart of the matter and attend the ICF Midwest Regional Conference.

Midwest Regional Recognition Award Nominations Close March 31st

The Midwest Regional Recognition Awards honor ICF Midwest Region coaches who exemplify ICF Core Values through outstanding contributions. For 2015, coaches can be nominated for:

  • The Avatar Award
  • The Community Outreach Award
  • The Innovation Award
  • The Leadership Award
  • The Thomas Leonard Achievement Award

Nominate exemplary coaches for awards no later than March 31, 2015. Selection criteria and application form can be found at www.icf-midwest.com/nominate. All nominees must be both a member of ICF Global and a member of an ICF Midwest Regional chapter. Award recipients will be announced at ICF Midwest Regional Conference in Kansas City, MO, June 18-20, 2015.

Keynote Speakers have Heart

We are thrilled to have two wonderful speakers already scheduled as Keynotes for the 2015 ICF Midwest Regional Conference this year: Simon T. Bailey and Caroline Adams Miller. Let me share a bit about why we are excited!


If you haven’t seen Simon T. Bailey speak you are in for a treat. He brings great enthusiasm and energy as he “teaches influencers how to improve themselves and change the world” as he says in his LinkedIn profile. He comes to coaching, teaching and speaking through a sales career including many years with Walt Disney World. He created the strategy to expand the Disney Institute globally! That is a story I want to hear.

In 2003 Simon started his own business, the Brilliance Institute, Inc. to demonstrate how to “live the brilliant life that you want.” He has worked with over 1000 organizations on six continents and written seven books including his latest, Shift Your Brilliance – Harness the Power of You, Inc.

Simon will share his brilliance with us and show us how to leverage our own brilliance. It will be a brilliant way to kick off the conference. Check out Simon on being successful and you will know why we are thrilled to have Simon as the opening keynote speaker.  Click here to check out her LinkedIn profile!

We close the conference on a happy note with Caroline Adams Miller a professional coach, author, educator and speaker on positive psychology and goal accomplishment. After all we come to this conference to learn how to accomplish our own goals.

Caroline is an Applied Positive Psychologist and accredited performance coach who works in the field of motivation and goal accomplishment. She is the author of Creating Your Best Life: The Ultimate Life List Guide highlighting the connection between happiness and goals. We are so busy helping everyone else that we have little left for ourselves. Get an advanced peak at Caroline speaking by checking out Caroline’s 2014 talk at TEDxGramercy, The moments that make champions.

Registration is Open

registerYou snooze you lose! Don’t sit on your hands. Registration just opened for the 2015 ICF Midwest Regional Conference to be held on June 18-20, 2015 in Kansas City MO.

Registration opened on February 9, 2014. Click on this link to get to the heart of the matter and register for the most heartwarming conference yet. We have loads of great speakers lined up from Keynote speakers Simon T. Bailey and Caroline Adams Miller to workshops on all aspects of the coaching business.

Avoid the rush. Get registered now then mark your calendar for June 18-20 in Kansas City MO to get to the heart of coaching!

Conference Countdown

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