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About MRAC

The Midwest Regional Advisory Council (MRAC) was formed from conversations of Midwest Chapter Leaders within the Global Leadership Forum at the ICF Global Conference in Ft. Worth, TX, in October  2010.  Regular monthly meetings began on December 3, 2010 and have continued to date.

We are a robust team of 13 Chapters striving to support and amplify one another, create and foster synergies between our chapters, and share our experiences and resources in order to make each of our chapters and region as strong as possible.  Our chapters include:  ICF Central Ohio, ICF Chicago, ICF Cleveland, ICF Heartland, ICF Greater Indianapolis, ICF Iowa, ICF Michigan, ICF Minnesota, ICF Nebraska, ICF Ohio Valley, ICF Pittsburgh, ICF St. Louis and ICF Wisconsin.

Accomplishments include:  creating shared CCEU programming, a regional Membership Mastermind Group, shared strategies for CMER implementation, the ICF Midwest Regional Recognition Awards and the annual ICF Midwest Regional Conference.

Model Leadership and Coaching Values

Collaborate & Partner Across ICF

Promote the Growth & Development of our Members

  • Be courageous
  • Be visionary
  • Encourage innovation
  • Model behaviors of great coaches
  • Be inspirational
  • Be transformational
  • Be dreamers
  • Be influencers
  • Model the values of ICF
  • Be critical thinkers
  • Seek synergies
  • Be Excited/Joyful/Spirited!!!
  • Be a role model
  • Think strategically
  • Be service oriented
  • Work with others to reach goals
  • Set and exceed our goals
  • Model the values of ICF
  • Support pacesetters
  • Encourage/support/recognize great coaches
  • See winners in our members
  • Encourage risk taking
  • Develop ourselves and our members by encouraging them to stretch and challenge themselves outside their comfort zone
  • Be creative and encourage creativity
  • Be leaders in our respective chapters & beyond
  • Lead in the number of regional coaches who are credentialed
  • Model the values of ICF