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Thursday, June 21, 3-4:30 PM

Karen Keller

The Brain and Influence:
The Neurochemical Impact on Your Influence Potential

Friday, June 22, 10:30-11:30 AM

Anthony Attan

Somatic Coaching;
Experience Transformation
through Movement

Friday, June 22, 1-2:30 pm

Angela Passarelli

In the Mind’s Eye:
The Power of An Inspiring Vision

Friday, June 22, 3-4:00 PM

Jim Smith

What If Your Body Could Coach? Connecting to the Wisdom
of Your Body in Coaching

Saturday, June 23, 9-10:00 AM

Daniel Johnson

When Facts Don’t Change Clients' Minds: Proven Neuroscience-Based Strategies That Can Help

Saturday, June 23, 10:15-11:45 AM

Bonnie Artman Fox

Solving the Problem of Abrasive Leaders: Stop Workplace Suffering and Strengthen Organizational Health