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Have You Registered Yet for the ICF Regional Midwest Conference?

If not, what’s holding you back from registering?  The next ICF Midwest Regional Conference is not until 2018!  So, if you miss this conference, you’ll have to wait two more years for this kind of line up of speakers and content.

We have a fantastic line up of engaging speakers featured at this year’s conference.  In addition to our keynote, Marshall Goldsmith, we will have Karen Keller.  She will be speaking about Coaching Leaders to Influence by Choice NOT by Chance.

Everyone is a leader – or at least has the potential to be. Future leaders are asking, “If I’m not influential, how can I make a difference?” The demand for leadership coaching by individuals and organizations is greater than ever before. Coaches need to understand influence and how it applies to their clients’ needs. This session provides coaches the opportunity to create influential leaders by introducing them to the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII™). This assessment tool measures a person’s Seven Influence Traits™: confidence, commitment, courage, passion, empowering, trustworthiness and likeability. Today’s leaders are eager to unlock the door to becoming as influential as they can be. Come prepared to create, coach and learn!

KellerKaren Keller, MCC, Ph.D., CEO of Karen Keller International, Inc., is author/creator of the Keller Influence Indicator® (KII®). She is a clinical psychologist and Master Certified Coach specializing in influence and human behavior. Dr. Keller develops programs, materials and resources relating to the Art of Influence. Her latest influence report, SOCR®, incorporates a person’s Seven Influence Traits® as related to 5 Organizational Competencies. She is passionate about helping people and companies develop their influence potential and an influence culture. Dr. Keller speaks and facilitates training seminars on Influence Mastery for companies of all sizes, from start-ups to Fortune 100 and Fortune 500 corporations. Her list of clients includes Clemson University, PepsiCo, American Express, Pizza Hut, Paragon Medical and Purdue University.  www.karen-keller.com

Learn more and register here.

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