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This conference would not be a success without the generous help of volunteers who give their time to get things done.  We are always looking for new volunteers to help out with the conference.  Some possibilities are listed below:


Volunteer opportunities:

Committee Chair – Manages a team of volunteers for one specific area of conference planning and execution.  Committee Chairs are members of the Conference Steering Committee and attend monthly Steering Committee calls as scheduled leading up to the conference, plus a wrap-up call after the conference.  Committee Chairs are responsible for creating policies and procedures for their area, in collaboration with the Conference Chair.

Host City Committee Members – As part of the Host City Committee, you would be part of scouting, maintaining and describing the space of the event.  This committee is responsible for making sure other committees are aware of space logistics, constraints and possibilities.  You are the eyes and ears communicating with others who haven’t seen the space, helping them understand what will be possible during the conference, so they can plan accordingly.

Marketing Committee Members – As part of the Marketing Committee you will be responsible for making sure word gets out about the conference and all the exciting things we’re up to.  This committee is responsible for newsletters, PR, website maintenance, solo e-mails, blog posting and graphics/logo support.  Most importantly, this committee is responsible for maintaining consistent visual branding in accordance with ICF regulations and consistent messaging.

Program Committee Members – As part of the Program Committee, you will be involved in the decision making process for keynote speakers and breakout session presenters.  This committee is responsible for collecting RFPs, making sure all promises to speakers are kept and that they have everything they need at the conference.

Registration Committee Members – As part of the Registration Committee, you will be involved in designing the registration process and making sure registration goes smoothly at the conference.  This committee is responsible for putting together name tags, passports, the registration master list and staffing the registration table at the conference.

Special Events Committee Members – As part of the Special Events Committee, you will design special activities that occur during the conference to engage attendees, build a sense of community, encourage interaction between attendees and vendors, and enhance the overall conference experience, including structured networking events that provide opportunities to easily connect.  This committee is also responsible for creating all materials and managing these events during the conference.

Sponsor Committee Members – As part of our Sponsor Committee, you would be part of the decision process for who the conference attracts as sponsors.  This committee is responsible for securing sponsors, managing their applications and following through on all promises made.  This committee is also responsible for on-site management of sponsors.

PassportStamping2On-Site Volunteer – As an On-Site Volunteer, you will be helping out with various duties during the conference.  You could be responsible for anything from stamping passports, introducing speakers, checking people in at registration, handing out goodie bags or anything else we need help with during the conference.  This is your chance to help us put the final touches on a smooth conference for everyone.

If you are interested in helping….


Just CLICK HERE, to submit your application.

We’ll take your application into consideration and you will be hearing from our Volunteer Committee shortly.  Thank you for your support!

How we acknowledge our volunteers.

The MRAC (ICF Midwest Regional Advisory Council) is a not-for-profit organization as established in 2013. The ICF Midwest Regional Conference is an event hosted by MRAC. Volunteers are a crucial element in the success of the conference. We appreciate and value everything they bring to the table. For the gift of their time, enthusiasm, expertise and dedication we have a gratitude offering in return.

We currently have four categories of volunteers and corresponding acknowledgments:

Steering Committee Chair

  • Registration fees waived
  • Business listed on conference website

Committee Member with 40+ volunteer hours

  • Business listed on conference website
  • Reduced rate from the early-bird registration rate

Committee Member with <40 volunteer hours

  • Business listed on conference website
  • Vendor gift certificate

Non-committee Member On-site Volunteer

  • Vendor gift certificate

Comments/Testimonials from our 2014 Conference…

“First of all, let me get this on the table – The ICF conference rocked. Awesome people. Educational sessions. Amazing networking. Thank you for telling me about ICF and the conference. Over the next months I look forward to learning more about becoming a certified coach!!!” — Sherrill Marino, Director, Organization Development and Learning

“I have to say that this conference was the most well planned and delivered ICF conference I have ever attended in all my years in ICF history.  Anything, and everything that the UT Dallas booth needed you were there.  There was always someone to direct people to the right places. The food was excellent, and the speakers were magnificent.  In a few words – – I was deeply impressed by the quality of this conference. Our thanks to all of you who were instrumental in this.” — Lee Smith, UT Dallas


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