Introducing Our Committee Volunteers

Our conference is unique because it is created and managed entirely by coaches who are giving their time, energy and talents.  Volunteering for the conference is a great opportunity to develop leadership and teamwork skills, build lasting relationships and contribute something meaningful to the greater coaching community.  The dedicated leaders listed below bring passion and enthusiasm to planning and serving the conference.  They are all working together for one common goal:  to make this year’s conference a memorable event for attendees, speakers and sponsors.  We want to thank them publicly and recognize their contributions.  If you are interested in volunteering on a committee or on-site (during the conference dates), click here.

Steering Committee Leaders

Julia Mattern, Conference Chair, PCC, CPCC – ICF IndianapolisLegacy Coaching

Conference Chair-Elect, Anne Papinchak,  ACC – ICF Pittsburgh – Papinchak Consulting, Inc.

Susan Slocum, Conference Treasurer, CPC – ICF Chicago, Wisconsin, Principal, tsab coaching and consulting, LLC

Conference Committees

Host City Committee

Barbara Bougher, Host City Chair, ACC – ICF Indianapolis – Divine Order

Chris Accornero – ICF Indianapolis – V3 Coaching

Sandi Ballard – ICF Indianapolis – Growing Forward

Amy Barnes – ICF Indianapolis- Inner Outcomes

Francine Carter – ICF Indianapolis – Action Coaching Training

Mary DuVall – ICF Indianapolis – Authentic Balance

Mark Sprout – ICF Indianapolis – Outward Truth Coaching

Service Project Subcommittee-Lynn Zettler, PCC, Service Project Chair – ICF Indianapolis Core Impact Coaching 

Janet Fulton, ACC – ICF Ohio Valley

Stefanie Krievins – Indianapolis – Radiancy Coaching

Jim Struck – ICF Indianapolis – Leadership Vision, LLC


Marketing/Communication Committee

Amber Maynard, Marketing Committee Chair – Indianapolis – Dynamic Strategies Coaching

[Open], Website Manager

[Open], Communications Coordinator

Newsletter Manager

Blog Writer – Julie Kratz – ICF Indianapolis – Help Your Team Grow

Copywriter and Graphic Designer – Margie Beiswanger – ICF Indianapolis – Transform Your Brilliance

Program Book Layout Manager – Judy Riedel, Kansas City

[Open], Program Book Coordinator

Social Media Manager – Nichole Santoro, Chicago IMarketingSalon, LLC

Editor/Proofreader – Sharol Tyra, PCC -ICF Minnesota Life Illumination Coaching

Patricia Saint – ICF Indianapolis


Program Committee

John Moore, Program Committee Chair, PCC – ICF Heartland – Moore Strength

Ann Holm, ACC – ICF Minnesota – Ann Holm

Susan Lieber, ACC – ICF Pittsburgh – Leave it to Lieber

Sean Olson – ICF Indianapolis – Renogize Coaching

Nicole Pulito, PCC – ICF Wisconsin – Gulan Pulito Consulting & Coaching


Registration Committee

Heather Bradley, Registration Committee Chair, PCC – ICF Michigan – The Flourishing Company


Special Events Committee

Anne Papinchak, Special Events Committee Chair, ACC – ICF Pittsburgh – Papinchak Consulting, Inc.

Ursula Lesic, ACC – ICF Pittsburgh

Kelly Osbaldiston, ACC – ICF Ohio Valley – OzzCARE

Jennifer Seaver-Stokes – ICF Ohio Valley – Tuned In Coaching


Sponsor Committee

Karla Walker, Sponsor Committee Chair,  ACC – ICF Wisconsin

Carol Akey

Patricia Bright, PCC – ICF Cleveland –  Bright Consulting

Kristin Kelly- ICF Global

Janet Maurer, ACC – ICF Cleveland – AvantEdge, LLC

Dan Saad, ACC – ICF Cleveland – Dan Saad

Garry Schleifer, PCC – Toronto – choice Magazine

Mickie Schroeder – ICF Heartland

Blair Wagner, ACC – ICF Iowa

Don Whittle – ICF Global


Volunteer Committee

Joyce Wietrecki, Volunteer Committee Chair – ICF Chicago

On Site Volunteers

George Barbosa-Brazil

Mark Dana, PCC-ICF St. Louis

Yvonne Hart-Tennessee

Dan Johnson, PCC (registration)-ICF Indianapolis

Jan Judd, PCC-ICF Indianapolis

Chana Klein, PCC (registration)-ICF New York

Kelly Osbaldiston, ACC-ICF Ohio Valley

Bud Roth-ICF Indianapolis

Kurt Schoch – ICF Indianapolis

Sharol Tyra, PCC (registration)-ICF Minnesota

Cliff Walters, ACC-California

Conference Countdown

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