ICF Midwest Regional Conference Service Project

We are thrilled to announce the FIRST- EVER Community Service Project sponsored by the ICF Midwest Regional Conference!

The Promise Zone Project is located on the east side of Indianapolis.  Promise Zones are high-poverty communities where the federal government works with local leaders to increase efforts in achieving neighborhood-created goals and priorities.  This is your opportunity to leverage your strengths as a coach and participate in a new tradition.

More on what to expect:

  • You will make an impact through one-on-one coaching matching staff and volunteers of several nonprofits, plus small business owners on the near east side of Indianapolis.
  • As a participating coach, you will provide three coaching sessions (one hour each, the first two to be completed virtually prior to the conference and the final one to take place in person at the conference between 1 and 3 p.m. on Thursday, June 23rd).
  • Coaches must be ICF Global members and registered to attend the 2016 ICF Midwest Regional Conference in Indianapolis to participate.

Learn more here.



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