Hello Sponsor!

Our conference was created for coaches, by coaches, and of coaches. We recognize everyone’s contribution and will make every possible effort to positively impact the conference experience of not just attendees but our valued Exhibitors and Sponsors as well.   We want to partner with you.

If you have products and services that can save coaches time, help them grow their business, or otherwise positively impact their lives, we want you to come share your brilliance!  Interested?  Click Here to access our 2016 Exhibitor/Sponsor/Advertiser Packages and Click Here to access the Application Form.

Our Promises to You:

We promise to provide a great conference experience! We know how important it is to give coaches the support they need to grow their business and improve their life, and you’ve got the goods to make it happen! So we’ll do everything in our power to showcase the available resources of our sponsors so you can get the best possible exposure for your business.

We promise to be a GOOD PARTNER!  To us, you’re a valued member of this conference not just someone selling something. We have a few ideas that may help you engage with our conferences attendees.  We will work with you and together we will make the 2016 ICF Midwest Regional Conference an event to remember!

We promise you visibility! The layout of the conference makes it easy for our coaches to see you and for you to do interact and do business with our coaches!  We will also regularly ask attendees to visit with sponsors and are creating fun and innovative ways to help coaches engage with you during the conference.  Together we can help you make more connections.  We are here to help!

We promise to work with you to increase connection and have fun! A smile, a greeting, a handshake, the right question, …  It’s about networking and building relationships with like-minded folks who need your help. It’s about inspiring others to be their best version of themselves. It’s about making a positive impact on your peers and clients. It’s about meeting at The Crossroads of Ideas, People and Resources impacting Professional Coaching!

This isn’t just an event for attendees. This is an event for attendees, sponsors, and volunteers alike to come together as a community to celebrate the coaching industry, collaborate to grow each others’ businesses, and connect with one another.

I look forward to helping you make the most of your conference experience!!!

Karla Walker, 2016 ICF Midwest Regional Conference Sponsors Chair

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